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I have a deep passion for crafting cards, and I pour my heart into every creation.

Explore the world of unique and beautifully crafted cards right here,

where you can not only discover the various card options

but also glimpse into some of my previous projects.

If you're looking for that perfect, one-of-a-kind card to celebrate special moments,

you're in the right place.


You have two enchanting options to choose from:

Welcome to the world of love and joy

Handmade communion card in ellegant box. Personalized with a child name and occassion tag. First Holly Communion keep sake.

3D card in a box:

This is the most popular choice

among my customers.

These cards are adorned with

handcrafted flowers,

delicate leaves, chipboards, bows, and more.

Each card comes with its own protective box,

not only preserving the intricate decorations

but also adding a touch of elegance.

3D Card in an Envelope:

Experience dimension in this card through layered flat elements, including chipboards, flower prints, fussy-cut elements, dots, and more. The carefully chosen elements effortlessly fit into the envelope, ensuring they stay secure during shipping.

Birthday Card for a girl in soft ping and blue colours.  Personalized with the name and a quote

Every card is meticulously designed just for you and tailored to your unique needs. When you place an order, we'll discuss all the details that will make your card truly special—whether it's the color palette, personalized names, age, hobbies, and more. Let's make your moments extraordinary with a custom-crafted card that speaks to your heart.

If you would like me to design an unique card for you please place order now.

  Be aware it takes between  5 to 14 days till card will arrive to your door. It all depends on the amount of orders and shipping time.

You need card now, no problem, go to my shop and pick one of pre made options ready to dispatch.  Personalization is included with every purchase in the shop.

Card will be posted next working day.


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