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Baby Frames


If you are looking  for an unique gift for a baby,

handcrafted and personalized frame is a perfect solution for you..

Each frame is specially designed for you in variety of colours. 

Every frame is personalised with a baby details such as:

- name

- date of birth

- time of birth

_- length

- weighty

Frame size: 27cm*27cm

All frames are made with precision and attention to the details with a high quality products.

All Frames are 3D what makes them so special.

How to order:

There is always few frames available in my shop, so please pop in there and have a look,

If none of them do not meet your expectations please place the order here



and I will design one specialty for you.

Please attach few information with the order: colour, child name , date and time of birth, length and weight

Looking forward to hear from you.

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