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Magdalena the artist behind Paperlikeme with a huge passion  for handmade gifts.


I'm Magdalena, the creative force behind Paperlikeme, residing in the picturesque town of Westport, which is a part of amazing Wild Atlantic Way. Crafting has always been my passion. It began with home decorations, moved to nail art and cake decorating, and in 2016, I discovered the enchanting world of scrapbooking. particularly cardmaking. It stole my heart. I've honed my craft by participating in workshops, design courses, and endless practice, proudly reaching the stage where I can offer you my meticulously crafted cards.

Crafting handmade greeting cards has been an incredible journey for me. Each card I create is a labor of love, carefully designed to suit every occasion—be it Birthdays, Communions, Weddings, Christening, Graduation, Christmas or special gift ideas for babies, children, parents, husbands, wives and friends. I take pride in offering unique presents for Grandma and Grandpa, ensuring each card embodies thoughtfulness and affection.

As an artist, I understand the significance of personalized touches. This understanding is evident in my creations, such as the Newborn Shadow Box Frame, Baby Details Frame, and various personalized baby gift ideas. From nursery wall art to adorable baby room wall decorations, each piece is crafted with care and attention, making it an ideal gift for baby showers, to welcome New Baby or as cute custom birth details frames.

Cardmaking is not just about paper and colours; it is a way of expressing deep emotions. Each card is a vessel for messages filled with love, gratitude, happiness, congratulations, sympathy, and apologies. Their emotional resonance is what makes them truly special and keeps me continually inspired.

I would be honoured to create a card specifically for you, tailored to express your sentiments in a unique and heartfelt manner. Let me be part of your special moments, shaping them into beautifully crafted, personalized cards and gifts.

Magdalena - PaperLikeMe

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