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Hi! Thank you for stopping by!


I'm Magdalena, the crafter and artist behind PaperLikeMe.

I live in a beautiful town named Westport, in Ireland

. I'm a happy Wife and a proud Mum.

I have a big passion for crafting.​ I always have been creative, firstly with home  decorations, then nail art and decorating cakes. Finally in 2016 I have discovered the world of scrapbooking which stole my heart - especially cardmaking. Since then I was mastering my craft skills by taking part in many workshops, design courses and simply practicing a lot to get to the stage where I am today and proudly and happily can offer you my cards.


​Cardmaking is an amazing process, not only because it's so creative and full of beauty, but because it's a great way to express feelings and emotions.

As they are personalized, it makes each one of them extra special as they are so meaningful.

It's not just piece of paper. The cards show messages full of emotions such as love, gratitude, happiness, congratulations, commiserations and apologies. Their emotional quality makes them very special, and keeps me inspired.,

I will be privileged and overjoyed if you will let me to design card especially for you.

Magdalena - PaperLikeMe


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