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Box for her
Page with wishes
Wooden decor
Chipboard centerpiece in a cake shape
Top of the box
Box for him
Inside of the box
Page with wishes
Box for wedding anniversary
Anniversary box
Personalization with names
Bottle filled with love as a center piece
Flowery top of the box
Flowery center
Box for her
Flower pot as a center piece
Vintage style box
Favorite quote placed in a box.

Exploding box

Beautifully decorated unique card in a shape of a box. 

The box pops open/explodes as soon as the lid is lifted and reveals decorated pages filled with wishes, notes,  messages  and unique centre piece.

The middle part of the box is always decorated with a 3D piece which matches the occasion it is made for. It can be: 3D chipboard, hand made dekor, baskets full of flowers, little buggy, tiny boxes for a gift, mini photo album, mini tent, age related dekor and many more.

Each box is made to order with a color of your choice and personalized to your needs. All details fully discussed with the order.


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