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Zodiac signs - Sagittarius

Good morning!

The Sagittarius is the 11th zodiac sign on my list. That's means only one left and another whole year challenge will be completed. I am really excited how they all will present themselves together. But before that will happened will introduce you to my version of Sagittarius. Lots of reds in my card. My Christmas mood had an impact on a choice of colors. But because it's not Sagittarius color at all I added beautiful butterflies which represent it's favorite color - cobalt.

In this card the sign is cut out from transparent foil and wrapped with a wire. I haven't use this idea before so hope you will like it and find it useful.

The transparent foil shows up in my projects very often lately. I am amazed by it's versatile. Have you ever used it in your projects. If yes would like to share your ideas of it's use in comments.

Thank you for stopping by


see you on Monday!

I submit my card for a challenge!

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