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Window card!

Good morning!

Time flies! It think we all are familiar with this phrase.

But there are days when it hit us with a double strength. And that what just happened to me. For me its time to present you my last- 12th - card made for a challenge with "Rogaty". I still remember when I was considering to join it or not, to commit or not because it's long 12 month and I didn't want to disappoint anyone and myself. Finally I took this risk and went for it and I am so proud of myself I endure through all challenge. I was scared at the beginning it will be so long and today after 12 months I just can't believe how fast It went. Why I am telling you that because very often we would like to join those long term challenges but we simply are afraid like I was. So if you are sitting now and wondering to take a part or not I will encourage you to take a risk and apply. I can promise you it will be lots of fun and the reward waiting for you at the end is worth of doing it. Also by committing you will train your regularity, scrapbooking skills and have lot's of fun and enjoy to share your passion with others who participate.

I am happy and proud to present you my 12th card for a ''Rogaty'' this year:

I hope you liked my winter inspiration.

I love to create a window cards. They are unusual and always lots of fun to create. What do you think about this type of card?

Thank you for today

and see you on Friday!

I submit this card for a challenge:

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