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Vintage card with magnificent lady - tutorial!

Hello my friends! I hope you all are well. It's being a while since you have seen me here. I had to extend my brake a little bit. Sometimes we are not aware how much we need it till our body says enough, its to much and force us to take a brake. I think I put bit to much on my head but now fully rested with a new plan and lots of ideas I'm back and ready to create.

So today I come to you with a tutorial which I prepared especially for a CraftStyle as their DT member. So please grab scissors and create with me.

We will make a vintage card with a beautiful lady. To have more fun we will combine scrapbooking and mixmedia techniques all together.

We will start with card base and it's background.

I will be using ready made base but if you do not have one you can easily cut it. The measurements are 21 cm by 10 cm.

Next we will cut three rectangles. Two from the papers of your choice. I will work with papers from ''Papelia"and one in the same color as our base - so for me it is gonna be white. The measurements are:

- big rectangle from craft paper - 20,7 cm by 9,7 cm

- white rectangle - 20 cm by 9 cm

- small rectangle from craft paper - 19,7 cm by 8,7 cm

We make a line around both colorful triangles using roulette, it will give us an impression of stitching line.

The biggest rectangle we stick directly to card base. The other two we glue first together and then by using 3D tape we attache it to the card just in the middle of the card.

Now we will decorate our lady. I will be using a HDF base from Papelia which I think is grate. But if you don't have one at the moment you can cut of any lady from magazine and transfer the shape on the cardboard and cut it of. Now we have to secur our base. We will need a white gesso to do that. We will cover exactly our shape with one layer of gesso and will dry it.

Now by using any mask which we have and structural paste on a dress we will create a pattern. I have chosen a mask from Papelia with gentle flowers and little brunches and we will dry it fully to.

It's time for some colors. We will need acrylic paints. I will be using my favorite liquid acrylics from Finnabair but any will do the job. So I pour bit of paint on my glass mate and add bit of water to make it more runny and then apply on my base on the top and let it run down. I repeat proces few time till I get the expected result.

We also add bit of the shadow. For that I will be using mist from 13 Arts but acrylics paints will be good for that as well. Just pick two tones darker color and then apply it only to the right side of the lady. To make sure it will blend nicely add bit of water to your paint first. Dry it properly.

To emphasize the shadow I added bit of gold paint on the edges on the right side. If you have an waxes, they will be perfect for this job too.

Now when our main component is ready we can start to create composition.

But before that we will add bit interest to our background by adding a stamps. I picked a stamp with writing. If you dont have any stamps yet this one is one of the firsts I would recommend to by. Writing pattern is beautiful but also very versatile and it will suit many projects. I used brown ink.

Now most pleasant part of creating process - composition. The one which I made is pretty simple. Firstly I made my flowers from watercolor paper. I colored them with exactly the same paints as our HDF base. I place two the biggest of them in the bottom left corner. Than around them I layered many different leaves. Some of them I fussy cut from sheets and some die cut. I also added chipboards which I embossed with a gold powder.

And that's it. Our vintage card is ready.

I hope you enjoyed time spend with me and this tutorial proved to be beneficial for you. If you have any questions about this tutorial or would like me to explain any other technique or made something please let me know in the comments.

Meanwhile let me invite you to the gallery

Have a grate Sunday and see you soon!

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