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Two different gilding techniques in skull mixmedia project!

Good morning my friends!

With a great pleasure I would like to introduce you to cabaret and burlesque star who arrived from ancient times. Lady skull with all her glory and elegance.

In this mixmedia project I would like you to take a closer look on gilding! To add bit sparkle to my project I used two different techniques - first is hot embossing, second gilding petals (short description under the photos).

All project is made with two combined with each other two HDF bases from Papelia - hat and skull. I also created bit interest by using structural paste, liquid acrylics and gilding of course. I finished off the project with a rich composition with lots of roses and feathers.

To add bit shine on my hat firstly I created a chessboard shape using mask and structural paste. Still wet paste I covered very thoroughly with a embossing powder. I used a "Gold Tinsel" powder from Ranger. I remove an excess and dried it with hot gun tool.

To achieve an old, damaged and shiny look on a skull to make a crack line I used a gilding flakes. Firstly using a liquid slow drying glue from Pentart. But you can use any liquid craft glue but apply it partly not whole line at once. Than using dry, soft brush I applied flakes and left it to fully dry. Next with hard brush I swiped all the excess.

Thank you for today!

I hope my descriptions are clear and valuable for you.

See you on Saturday when I will present my first LO from my whole summer series.

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