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Soft pink Wedding Day Card!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hello Dear Crafters!

Today it will all be about love. I'm gonna show you a beautiful wedding day card with a matching box.

These cards are among my favourites to create because they are just blooming with love, joy and happiness.

I started by creating a background. I used pink paper with a beautiful lace print on it. Then I cut out a rectangle from matching grey paper. I scrached the edges to give it an vintage look. I cut out a little frame and scrached the edges as well. Finally I fussy cut two laces from the same pink paper which I stuck on the side of the rectanglar piece. To stick them all together I used a foam tape to give the card a 3D effect. I repeated all those steps to create a background on the lid.

I started to decorate my card with cut off flowery heart and matching tag. (You can see them on the picture above in the top right corner). Then I made a little white frame using one of my "making molds". I printed tha bride and groom initials and pasted them to that frame. Next I created some pink foamiran flowers. To colour them I used oil pastels. To give a bit more interest to the flowers I used three different colours of stamens. Around the flowers I added few types of leaves. Some of them I fussy cut and others I cut off using die cuts. Finally I added some banners with sentences. This time in two languages because the bride and groom are of different nationalities and I think that makes this card extra special. And at the very end, a beautiful butterfly sits on the corner to add some lightness to the card.

To decorate the lid of the box I made a second frame with initials inside. Then I added some tiny flowers and leaves and I finished it off with a beautiful banner.

A few close ups:

Thank you for stopping by to see me today!

Have a wonderful day


Happy Crafting!

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