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Scrap Sketches!

Good morning!

When we create first card from the sketch it's easy but real fun begins when we want to make more cards from the same sketch. How to make them different? First step will be using different colors, second using different elements and the third place the composition in different place on the card.

To my last sketch I made two cards and they both are wedding cards.

In both I was exactly following the sketch but I used different combination of colors and different elements. Let's have a look:

As you see main element - frame are different, one is from the mold and second is a chipboard. I also used different type of flowers. Ones on purple card are made by me from foamiran, second card has ready made paper flowers which you can get in scrapbooking shop. And the last to decorate my composition I used different shapes of leaves. Few simple steps which help us to create different projects. It is also helpful when customer sees one of our cards and want us to make something similar. This is the way how to do a re-make of our card.

Hope all the tips in my todays post same as inspiration you will find useful and helpful.

Maybe you know other way how to achieve different look. If so please let me know in the comments cos I would love to hear about all your wonderful ideas.

Thank you for today

have a creative weekend


see you next week!


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