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Ready to rock - mix media dress!

Hello crafty Friends!

The inspiration to my today's project is a music. Exactly my personal preferences. I am a big fun of rock music. I like the strong tune and pugnacious character of it. It's bit dark but filled with lots of energy. All those exceptional features I transferred to my dress.

The project made in dark shades of navy and grey and the skirt seem to be bit messy. Like many of rock songs telling complicated, unresolved and broken stories.

The base is a HDF shape from "Papelia". I covered it with black gesso, added few metal embellishments and painted it with navy acrylics. The skirt is a combination of silver ribbons, beads on string,dyed bandage and stunning feathers.

I'm wondering what is your favorite music. Jazz?, Blues?, Country Music?, Pop? maybe Heavy metal? Dress in each style would look awesome so If you decide to make one please let me know by tagging ma @paperlikeme cos I would love to see all your beautiful projects.

Thank you !

Have an energetic and inspirational weekend!

See you on Monday!

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