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Mini notepad!

Updated: Sep 10

Hello my Friends!

Did you know that people who describe their plans/goals and write them down are more likely to successfully accomplish them. I am the person who likes to write down everything but I wasn't aware of how much power it has. That's why I decided to make a mini folder where we will be able to write down most important things for us. It is small so will fit in to the bag so we can carry it with us wherever we go. Even it is small it has plenty space for notes. I added 5 categories : TO DO, DON'T FORGET, REMEMBER, MY DREAMS and YOU CAN DO IT!

This time I also prepared video tutorial how I made it. That's one of my goals from my list - to make video tutorials - so this is the beginning, very basic, not perfect but good for a start and I am happy and proud of myself I started to making them. Hopefully you will like it to;)

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a wonderful week


I wish you all your dreams come true!!!


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