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Mini Herbal Journal!


Today I am gonna present you something what I always wanted to make. But there never was a time, always more important projects, or everyday duties. You probably know yourself. But when "AtrPaiskownica" released the challenge - "Little forms - matchbox" I just knew it, its the time to do it.

Overhappy present you my tiny journal in a box.

The box is size 8cm by 5,5cm and the journal 6,8 cm by 4,8 cm.

I love projects like this cos they combine both mixmedia and scrapbooking.

To get old effect on my box I used white gesso, acrylic paints and waxes from finnabair.

The little journal is made of paper clippings. To color the cover I use the same mixmedia products as for a box.

The journal is filled with dried herbs and plants which I picked last year so as you see they waited long enough;)

I hope I inspired you to make your own journal .

I'm wondering with what would you fill yours?

Creative Sunday


see you soon!

I submit my journal for a challenge:

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Magdalena Porzych
Magdalena Porzych
Sep 30, 2020

Bardzo dziekuje


Katarzyna Idaho
Katarzyna Idaho
Sep 30, 2020

Przepiękna praca!!!! Dziękuję za udział w wyzwaniu na Art-Piaskownicy!

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