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Summer Journey - series of Layouts!

Good evening my friends!

It's Saturday - so it's time for my layout.

Today I will take you to the beach. We will take a walk on a warm sand, listening the sound of the waves and squawk of gulls. We will pick up few shells and if we will be lucky maybe we will find some amber too. We will admire the view of the sea with beautiful sailboats on the horizon. We will enjoy the sun and delicate a breeze blowing from the ocean. I hope you will enjoy our little trip.

As always I will add a tip about my work, this time I will tell you few words about my background. There is a lot of ways to add an interest to it. Today I will show you very simple and easy way to do it.

You will need ink, a mask and stamps.

So I have chosen a blue paper with some clouds and bit of sand at the bottom. Bit to plain to me. So I picked a mask -- zebra stripes - and place it on a page than using make up sponge and navy and light brown ink I made a pattern - navy on blue parts and brown on a sand. By making the same pattern on blue part and then repeat it on a sand I made my background to be consistent. But it still was't enough for me so I used the same inks and two stamps one bubbles and other imitation of little stones and stamp few randomly.

Thank you for stopping by.

I hope you felt summer spirit today.

Have a sunny weekend!

I submit my LO for a challenge:

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