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Last Christmas!

Hello crafty souls!

Today I come to you with unusual inspiration for this time of the year. But who knows actually it might cool you down a bit during hot days;). It is frosty with lots of snow balls and with hearts filled with lots of love. I made this Christmas card for a "Rogaty - Christmas all year round" challenge and the theme this time was Wham song "Last Christmas" Considering the title of my post it probably it wasn't to hard to guess:)

Scrap challenges always have a theme. Sometimes we have to do a card for specific occasion, sometimes use specific colors or pick line in bingo or recreate a map. And that all is clear and understandable. But sometimes like in this case we get a title of song, what then. You can follow the words of the song or watch the music clip and take an inspiration from there. If you have memories connected to that song or it reminds you of a specific place or person your project can be about one of them. If its not clear for a organizers they will contact you and ask for an explanation. But I think once it is given your work is even more unique and valuable.

Thank you for today my friends.

If you have time tomorrow please call in there will be an extra post for you.

Get ready to dance.

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