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Frosty inspirations - Cards in unusual shape!

Good morning!

New week gets us closer to Christmas! It also started with a frosty weather here in Westport which I love by the way and it looks like my today's inspiration fits this weather perfectly. All my cards are made in a wintery ambiance with a bit of frost and snow, with shiny handmade poinsettia and shabby ribbons.

What's unique about those cards they are made in unusual shapes. So if you are bored with traditional square cards those are definitely for you. We have a circle, wing and star. I also attached a string on the top of each card so they can be hang as a Christmas decoration to.

Let's go than and see them:

I hope you felt the atmosphere of winter a little and you liked my frosty inspirations.

If you like my projects and would like to see more of them and see how my crafty life looks like on regular basics join me on facebook - or my Instagram - .

Have a wonderful day full of amazing inspirations.

See you on Friday!

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