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Four elements - mix media ATC!

Welcome everyone!

As you all know I like to start the week with the energetic inspirations full of colors to send you lots of positive energy for upcoming week. Today ain't gonna be different. I prepared for you inspiration full of colors but also with a message that you can carry through the week.

We all are different and unique so as my four ATC which represents four elements. All very powerful, exceptional and full of amazing energy. So please pick your card and carry it through the week. Let it fill you with positive energy, equanimity and lots of inspirations.

In my ATC's I was focusing to create unique background. Firstly I created a pattern with structural paste and a different mask on each of them. Than playing with liquid acrylics and lots of water created colorful backgrounds. Just remember when you want to play with a water always cover your paper base with a gesso to make sure it's not gonna be damaged and it won't fell apart. Than few decoration of your choice and unique ATC'c are ready!

Thank you for today my friends


have a wonderful week!

See you on Thursday for something cute ;)

I submit my ATC's for a challenge:

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