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Exploding box with a shaker!

Good morning friends!

What a beautiful start of the week. Sky is blue, sun is shining - what more could we ask. Maybe.......we could add few energizing colors to the picture? I think I can make it happen.

I just made a birthday box for, full of rainbow colors and graphics from TandiArt . As you all probably figure it out already, it's time for my inspiration for a DT.

I made an exploding box . This form is unique in itself but because It is for a little girl I wanted to add more effect to it. So I have made a shaker in a lid with shiny sequences inside. I have to admit, I am little addicted to shakers. Lately I put them everywhere - into my cards, tags and now into my box. But I can't resist, they are so much fun and they look amazing. Just see yourself:

Thank you for stopping by!

I just wanted let you know that I'm going for my holidays so I won't be here for next few days. Time to rest, recharge batteries and look for new inspirations.

Have a wonderful week


see you in a while!

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