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Diamonds- best women friend!

Hello my Friends!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Unfortunately what's good passes so fast and now its a memory. But I will have a memories full of warmth, love and grate time and hope you also do. Ohhh and stomach stuffed with all that amazing food and cakes and few extra kg. But what can I do I just love Christmas food.

But when it all is in the past I already focused what's on ahead. And its a New Year. I make new plans, think about new projects, set new challenges but first of all I decided to spoil myself a little bit and I made this mixmedia decor. And because it is a New Year it should shine. And if it shine to why not go for most beautiful gem - Diamond. Pure and beautiful. They are simply amazing!

I hope you will like my shiny version of this beauty. The base is HDF base made by @Tekturkowo. I made a huge shaker box filled with lots of shiny sequins. Finished of with a rich composition made of handmade paper flowers and sparkled with a glitter.

And I hope our New Year will be the same shiny, bright, full of love and rich in health.

I would love to wish you all a Happy New Year!

May all your goals be achieved, and all your plans be fulfilled.

Hope 2021 bring happiness, new inspirations and all your dreams come true.

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