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Baby decor!

Hello everyone!

When you read ''baby decor'' it does't sound to exciting. We expect it to be sweet, soft colours and cute. And my project has it all. But its not what makes it interesting. This baby decor is a combination of different scrapbooking and mixmedia techniques. Making this decor I combined scrapbooking paper, hand made shaker with lots of sequins with masks and structural paste and painted resin molds. To finish of I used waxes, glitter, ribbons and twine. This cute project is grate example how to combine different techniques form different areas to achieve unique and interesting look.

I would like to encourage you to try new, to try explore with new techniques or combine things you have never tried before. Please share in comments how your projects turned out by adding links in comments or tagging me @paperlikeme in social media that I could see them all.

I hope you like the idea of mixing techniques

and hopefully my post was helpful and encouraging.

Thank you for being with me today it means a lot

and see you on Saturday!!!

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