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Advent Calendar!


It got wintery outside so its means Christmas is just around the corner! Did you start counting down. Me and my daughter did. Ant to keep on track and do not miss any day we use an advent calendar. And today I will present you what I made this year. My version of advent calendar.

It is made of 24 small boxes each decorated with different design but with the same collection of papers from Lexi Design. The little bags and beautiful chipboard numbers I got in a Rapakivi shop.

Probably you are wondering what is inside so there is e few things:

- something sweet

- card with a trivia question

- party game card

- card with a motivational quote

So that's all now its time to present you my calendar:

What about you? Do you make your own calendar or maybe prefer to buy one. Please tell me in comments.

If you would like to see more of my projects and keep on track what I am doing at the moment pleas visit my FACEBOOK PAGE or INSTAGRAM.

Have a wonderful


very creative weekend

see you on Monday!

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