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Baby & Kids Cards

Welcome to the world of love and joy


Cards for kids and babies have a special place in my heart. I love to create them so much.

In this section you can have a look on some of my previous sweet projects. If you would like to order a card to welvcome a baby, to celebrate a child birthday  you are in a right place.

There are two options to choose from:

- 3D card in a box - most frequently chosen option. This type of card is decorated with handmade flowers, delicate leaves, chipboards, bows and many more. This type of card always goes with a box, which protects decorations but also adds a  lot of elegance to the card

 - 3D card in an envelope - dimension in this type of card is created by layering flat elements, like  chipboards, flower prints, fussy cut elements, dots etc. The elements chosen will  in to the envelope easily and will be safe during shipping.

Every card in designed especially for you and personalized to your needs. 

All details (name,color, occasion etc) will be discussed when order is placed.


If you would like me to design card for you please place order now.

  Be aware it takes between  5 to 14 days till card will arrive to your door. It all depends on the amount of orders and shipping time.

If you do not want to wait you can visit my shop and pick a card. Personalization is included with every purchase in the shop.

Card will be posted next working day.

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